Name or monogram Embroidery


**Welcome To Baby Birds Closet**
Have you contacted me for a custom Name or Monogram to be embroidered on an item you will bring me? Great! Please leave all the details below in at check out. Drop off on my porch. Contact me for address if needed. You can also choose to have me ship out after if needed.
I charge $10 PER item to be embroidered with a a name or monogram. Please pick the correct quantity at check out.
•I also accept Venmo to and Cash for embroidery. You can message me on Facebook to set your order up if you prefer. 
•See my Buisness FB page Under Monogramed items for ideas.
**Please leave at Check Out**
#1 Name or Monogram needed
#2 Font style 
#3 Thread Color wanted
#4 Area for Name/Monogram. If the area you choose does not work I will need to pick a different area on the item.
#5 Daye needed by.  
Thank you for Shopping with Baby Birds Closet