Handmade Face Masks with pocket Insert option


** Welcome to Baby Birds Closet ** 

This listing is for a custom handmade Face Mask with built in pocket for your own filter if you choose to add one.

I make the masks in order of purchase. I am at about a week to 2 weeks out on turn around time, sometimes less. Depends on the week and holidays. 

I have tons of fabrics for fun and comfy masks! The front of the mask will be a cotton pattern. The back against your face fabric will be soft and breathable.

•This is a handmade mask with the ability to add in your own insert. **I do NOT include an actual insert. The mask itself if made with a pocket for you to add an insert of your choice. Google has tons of ideas for insets you can make from household items. As you know N95 masks are not easy to come by during this time. So a fashionable alternative is handmade reusable fabric masks.

***Please note all humans faces are shaped differently, our facial features our ears etc are all different. Sometimes we even have different sized ears. So with that being said I make mine on a standard pattern. However if you think you need the face mask or the ear loops smaller or larger to fit you please feel free to tell me. If you get your mask and then decide you need a different size message me and I’m happy to help work it out for you. Weather it’s switching the elastic out. Or switching out the mask to a different size etc 


7-12 year olds
3-6 year olds

**Please leave in the notes at check out**

There is a box at check out you HAVE to put your notes there for me to know what you want to order for size and print/color preference. 

#1 Size Needed

#2 Color and pattern preferences 

Doctors suggest NOT putting masks on children under the age of 3. Children under 3 may not be able to breath correctly through the mask. Preferably they are asking parents not to take children under 3 in public during the COVID outbreak. If you have to bring them out they ask you to keep them covered With a draped blanket in their carseat or stroller. 

I will do my best to get your order to you as soon as possible ❤️. Please do not ask for refunds because you can not get your mask immediately. Please do not ask me to bump you ahead of the line that is not fair for everyone who ordered before you. 

PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE LOCAL PICK UP IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO PICK  UP FROM KYLE TX when your order is ready. Choose shipping if you can not pick up from my contactless porch pick up. 

> COVID-19 is affecting everyone. During COVID I will not be ordering fabric for your preference for two reasons. First I can’t go to the fabric store to shop and 2nd all online stores are backed up so I can not guarantee when I would get the fabric. So at this time I am using what I have at home. 

 I make no claims to the effectiveness of the end product. Nothing homemade will ever compare to medical grade.